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Local 206 Member Forms Building Trades Group

SMART Local 206 is extremely proud to announce the formation of B.T.S.
The Building Trades Sisters is a new group formed by Local 206's own journeyperson and Executive Board Member, Annet Del Rosario, and apprentice Kimmy Martin. This group is comprised solely of Union woman that wear the tools every day. These meetings will be a chance for female members from all trades to get get together to share experience and support one another in these male dominated trades. At last night's meeting there was a great mix of ladies who have spent years in their trade, along with some brand new apprentices who will benefit from the path that has been paved by their sisters. We believe that these meetings will be a great place to share stories and advice on some of the hurdles that woman face on the jobsite, as well as a way for those that are more experienced explain to the newer ladies that these trades can be very physically demanding and how they can better prepare themselves to be the best worker they can be. 
As this group grows and developes they will begin to set a schedule and agenda. The next meeting will be on Wednesday, January the 31st.2018 at the Sheet Metal Workers Hall. If you, or anyone you know that is a female tradesperson would like to attend please feel free to message us here and we will make sure you get all of the info. 
We should all be supporting these woman as they are trying to be great Union members out there fighting for better wages, benefits, and equal rights on the job. Great job ladies.


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