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For decades Sheet Metal Workers Local 206 has had a standing rule. We don't talk about politics unless it has an impact on our work. Well an issue is about to go before congress that not only impacts our work, but it could be a devastating blow to all trades, all across the country. A " National Right To Work" bill could kill trades unions.

H.R. 785 is a bill that would put the entire country in the same economic status for workers as states like Arizona, Florida, and pretty much every southern state in between. Workers in RTW states make an average of over $6,000 per year less than workers in other states. Benefits are lost as well as lives when no one is making sure that safety regulations are being enforced.

There is something you can do. Call 1-844-872-0234 to leave a message with your elected representative. Let them know that "Right to Work" is wrong for you. Tell them not to support H.R. 785 and not to lower the wages and benefits of American Workers. Share this with your non-union friends as well. If we lose our wage, so will they.

To learn more about this IMPORTANT issue click on the link below to see former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich explain the truth behind so-called "Right to Work" laws and how they hurt working families.

What YOU NEED TO KNOW about National Right to Work