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University Mechanical & Engineering Contractors, Inc. (UMEC) is a subsidiary of EMCOR Group, Inc.. UMEC hires workers from the San Diego Sheet Metal Workers Local 206 on a project basis.

University Mechanical & Engineering Contractors, Inc. (UMEC), an EMCOR Company, is the largest and most experienced Sheet Metal and Mechanical contractor in San Diego and Imperial County.

According to its website, UMEC provides a full range of responsive mechanical and HVAC services, including plumbing, mechanical construction engineering, design/build services, and green building solutions designed to meet their clients' rigid specifications.

With 85 years of experience and demonstrated business success and unequivocal commitment by UMEC to the San Diego community, the company demonstrates that a local sheet metal and heating and ventilation company can compete in the marketplace while utilizing an organized workforce.

UMEC has a well-known reputation for outstanding quality and workmanship on its commercial construction and public projects. According to UMEC’s Senior VP, John Modjeski, that reputation “stems directly from the smart and highly skilled people who work here, and who form a collaborative environment where people love to come to work and are challenged by what they do everyday."

Worker Safety, Responsibility, and Trust

"Responsibility and trust" are two words mentioned frequently by Mr. Modjeski and Dave Osier, Commercial Manager at UMEC. Judging by UMEC’s portfolio, the company has earned both, throughout decades of steady, reliable construction and installation of the heating and ventilation systems in the buildings that makeup San Diego's skyline.

“Growth is not the only goal”, commented Mr. Modjeski. “At UMEC and across the entire EMCOR organization, world-class safety is not just a goal, but an ongoing commitment and part of the culture. We are passionate about the health and safety of all our people and operations, and for our clients.” Emphasized again and again to workers at UMEC is the notion of “safety first". In John's mind, this is one of the key elements of UMEC’s relationship with the San Diego Sheet Metal Workers Local 206.

John continues, “it's our goal to send our employees home every day safe."

The attention to detail and safety and procuring a skilled workforce from San Diego Sheet Metal Workers Local 206 has not hurt UMEC's business in the slightest. In fact, UMEC’s proven business model and steady growth led to it being acquired a number of years ago by EMCOR Group, Inc., a Fortune 500 leader in mechanical and electrical construction, energy infrastructure, and facilities services. With over $5B in revenues annually, EMCOR has been named the “World’s #1 Most Admired Company” in the Construction and Engineering Industry for two consecutive years by Fortune. 

San Diego Sheet Metal Workers Local 206 Provides Value to UMEC and its Customers

None of this could have happened without UMEC consistently providing value to its customers, such as San Diego's property managers, owners, general builders and contractors. For these clients, working with UMEC means that the customer will get an expertly trained and qualified work force. No cutting of corners--- the job is done right the first time, which nearly always results in long-term savings for their customers.

Like many of the Local 206 signatory contractors, UMEC has frequently done sheet metal and HVAC “job rescue” work, such as rework of sub-par work performed by other contractors.

Such occurrences are not uncommon. In a competitive economy, facilities and property managers, as well as general contractors, strive to acquire heating and ventilation services at affordable, and sometimes “rock-bottom” prices. Such procurement decisions are not without risk, as non-affiliated shops and firms often have greater turnover, and oftentimes employ workers with less experience and safety training. Lacking important safety training has been proven to increase dramatically the risk of falls or other job-site injuries in an already dangerous profession.

Steve Shirley, President & CEO of UMEC, emphasizes that the relationship with Sheet Metal Works Local 206 helps keep his shop competitive, since the company is able to quickly ramp up a workforce with the right number of apprentices and journeymen required for any job.

As a member of the San Diego community dating back to 1922, UMEC takes its commitment to the community seriously. "We're committed to the community in which we live and work”, commented Mr. Modjeski”. “It’s a commitment which is expressed everyday through our quality of work, as well as through programs such as our ‘Taking KidSafety To The Streets’ program which, working in partnership with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, helps recover missing children. To-date, EMCOR has helped recover 200 kids."

A safer and better-trained workforce also positively impacts the bottom line for a mechanical and HVAC contractor such as UMEC, reducing the number of lost hours on a job, which in turn means higher safety ratings and lower workers’ compensation payments.

Superior safety also translates into value for the project owner, whether it is the building owner or a general contractor, since stellar UMEC’s safety record results in lower OCIP (Owner Controlled Insurance Program) costs in addition to protecting it by always using the most qualified and safest workers in heating and cooling ventilation systems in San Diego.

Another key factor in the firm's profitability cited by Mr. Modjeski is reduced turnover. "Our employees stay longer here, which means that our journeymen and foreman have not only the training but also the experience to manage the job and other apprentices”, he states. Greater experience translates into quicker turn around times (refer to for a case study on jobs that often have pressing deadlines).


Key San Diego Sheet Metal and HVAC Projects:

UMEC’s commitment to its workers has translated into its ability to provide safe, productive employees and teams on the sheet metal and HVAC projects that it undertakes. As a result, and because of its quality work, UMEC has an extensive and impressive client list, which includes a number of Fortune 500 corporations. In addition, the company has worked for the US Naval Station in San Diego.

Excelling at both public and private HVAC and mechanical contracting jobs, UMEC’s reach has also extended beyond larger commercial and industrial projects to include cultural icons like the San Diego Museum of Art, where temperature control and consistency are absolutely essential.

UMEC is also active in San Diego green building, helping organizations acquire the coveted LEED Certification. One such project is the University of California at San Diego Super Computer Center. Through its use of advanced building information modeling (BIM), University Mechanical was able to help this five-story building become the University's first campus project certified as LEED Silver equivalent.

As Information Technology and Data Centers in Southern California and the San Diego area proliferate and, in turn, seek to reduce their carbon and environmental “ footprint”, UMEC is there, and will continue to be there----the company has already assisted Fortune 500 companies, such as Verizon Wireless, where the company installed the HVAC and Plumbing systems required for a large scale data center.

San Diego building owners, commercial developers, general contractors and facilities and property managers seeking to achieve the benefits of green building and energy efficiency through superior quality of their mechanical and HVAC systems are encouraged to visit the following links to UMEC project pages here:

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