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Summer 2015

I would like to start this letter off by saying that we here in the office of Local 206 hope that all of our members and their families are in good health and good spirits. I am sitting down to write this just after getting back from a three day weekend celebrating the 4th of July and the independence of this great country. As union members, I hope that we can also all appreciate our independence from unsafe workplaces and unfair labor practices. When we stand up together in solidarity, we can protect everything that our predecessors fought and negotiated for.

We are as busy as we have ever been here at Local 206 and even more work is on the horizon. Our bench has cleared more than once in the past few months and is poised to do so again. We are always striving to add qualified manpower to our membership in these times and that is exactly what we have been doing. We are currently accepting transfers in from Los Angeles, Arizona , and have even had some guys say they are on their way in from Las Vegas. We are in a great spot right now to put some of our brothers and sisters to work but we’re not stopping there. Some of the seeds planted in the past few years by Jim Baker and Doug Tracy are starting to bear fruit. Several very qualified sheet metal workers have come over from the non-union side. We are

getting rave reviews from our contractors and supervisors on how well these guys have worked themselves into the mix on jobs and in shops. These guys have all been very vocal in their appreciation of how things are done when they are done the “Union Way”. If anyone knows of a sheet metal worker out there who is looking for better pay and benefits and a better way of life , then please have them contact one of us here in the office and we will be happy to get them started in a better direction.

Most of you are aware that we had our nomination meeting in June. I would like to congratulate our business manager Doug Tracy for retaining his position unopposed. lie is unquestionably the leader we need to progress into the future. I would also like to congratulate the rest of the officers who have volunteered to help lead our local in the right direction, with a special welcome to Chris Caricato our new recording secretary and Domingo Luyo our new trustee. I was happy to accept a nomination to continue as your business representative and was also happy to see two of our brothers accept their nominations to this position and initiate an election. Going out to campaign gave me the opportunity to revisit some of our shops and jobsites and to see a lot of our brothers and sisters again.

The turnout on Election Day was almost overwhelming. Close to 300 sheet metal workers took time out of their day to make sure that their voice was heard and their vote was counted. I truly do appreciate everyone’s support and kind words. That day, and the days leading up to it reaffirmed my belief in this process. I am proud to continue representing each one of you, and I am proud to call myself a Union Sheet Metal Worker.

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work”. ~Thomas Edison