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Fall 2016


Organized Labor

This is our identity. This is what we do.  We should be extremely proud of what we do.  We are the best trained workforce.  We are what our opposition tries to be, but for them it is unattainable.  The education we offer to our tradespeople is second to none.  This point is non-debatable.  I think at times we do not feel the degree of pride that we should.  I believe that here in San Diego, Labor deserves a monument representing Us. I had the chance recently to see a monument for Labor back in Detroit.  The name of the monument is Michigan Labor Legacy Landmark, "Transcending".   The structure is sixty-three feet tall. The base is a mixture of stones with different quotes from assorted people throughout time most in reference to labor.   Here are some of those quotes which struck me:

“Each for his own is the bosses plea, A Union of all will make you free” ~ 1869 Detroit Labor Day Parade Sign

“The future of Labor is the future of America”~ John C Lewis-President Mine Workers, 1920-1960

“I consider it urgent for intellectual workers to get together to protect their economic status and to secure political influence”~ Albert Einstein, Scientist and AFT Member

“If I went to work in a factory, the first thing I’d do is join a Union” ~ Franklin Roosevelt

My time spent walking around this area was honestly breathtaking.  The time, effort and craftsmanship put into this public park are amazing.  The fact Detroit is willing to openly promote Organized Labor is something we should strive for in our city.  I will be bringing this topic to the Labor Council and the Building Trades Council.  Will it happen?  Can we get it done?  Those questions will not be able to be answered if not brought to the table.  It would be incredible to have our own monument here in San Diego recognizing the hard work of Labor. 


One more quote from the monument is very powerful with the fall election cycle fast approaching is:

“There’s a direct relationship between the breadbox and the ballot box” ~ Walter P Reuther, UAW President 1946-1970

The comparison of the breadbox and the ballot box definitely hits home for the members of Local 206.   The more elected officials we can help either maintain or gain spots are truly a benefit for Labor.  Please keep this in mind when we call asking for your help during the next few months. Know that Our political involvement and Your participation is paying off with work for Labor. 

 We are very proud of Our Local 206! We received recognition at the North America’s Building Trades Unions conference,  from Our International Union for Our excellent political advocacy for working families. Congratulations brothers and  sisters!!

In Solidarity - Doug Tracy