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Fall 2016

I hope this article finds all of our members and their families in good health. Here in the office, we have had a very busy and productive year. As many of you know, Local 206 is very involved in local and state politics. This political involvement is pertinent to our survival. Our opposition pays lobbyists to be in Sacramento year-round to try and defeat many of the workplace and wage protections most of us take for granted. Whether it is jobsite or shop safety regulations, the non-union sector is trying to get rid of the eight-hour day, overtime and even attacking prevailing wage. None of these rights would be in place without organized labor going toe-to-toe with people who believe the working people do not deserve to have a voice, or representation, in the room where those decisions are being made. Where our opposition tends to have deep pockets and would rather breakout the checkbook to buy their way in, we prefer to put boots on the ground and show prospective candidates that we and our families support them buy walking for them and it is working! 

Several of our sheet metal volunteers, (we call ourselves “The Blue Army”) have walked for Barbara Bry. She is a candidate running for the District 1 seat on the San Diego City Council. We spent several Saturday mornings walking that district hanging door literature and putting up yard signs. Her opponent, who was backed by several big donors including the Lincoln Club, was not prepared to go up against a friend of labor. He just recently conceded the seat to Barbara, and we now have another labor friendly council member fighting for working families in San Diego.

Being involved in politics is definitely not always easy, or much fun for that matter, but it is a necessity. Our Local 206 leadership in years past recognized the importance of political relationships and our membership has benefited from the political direction we have taken with increased hours. Our former Business Manager, Joe Powell, did a lot to pave the way for Local 206 to become a major player in organized labor’s push to become a mighty political force in San Diego. Our current Business Manager, Doug Tracy, didn’t skip a beat when he took office. Doug has never shied away from the added responsibility of becoming the Manager and this entire local is benefiting from that in many ways. 


Doug Tracy, Manager of Smart Local 206 San Diego, meeting with

Senator Barbara Boxer at the Poseidon Desal Plant where Building Trades

members logged over 2 million work hours.



As some of you already know, Doug Tracy is now the

President of San Diego and Imperial County Building and Construction Trades Council

(Swearing In as President)


Although that responsibility adds a lot to his plate, it also ensures Local 206 and its membership is in the room and at the table when decisions are being made that affect the way this county will grow. His efforts have not gone unrecognized by others in the labor movement either. On September 10, 2016, Doug Tracy will be awarded the John S. Lyons Foundation’s Labor Leader of the Year. This foundation, known as “The Johns“, is a charitable foundation that donates to cancer research as well as having an annual scholarship given to a child of labor that will be attending college. Given our leadership in labor, a healthy economy and a construction landscape with plenty of room for development, we believe that there is a lot to look forward to here at SMART LOCAL 206.