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The San Diego Sheet Metal Workers Local 206 provide the highest-trained and most skilled journeymen Sheet Metal and HVAC workers and apprentices to leading firms through out San Diego and Imperial Counties.

San Diego Sheet Metal Workers Local 206 has recently improved its training of apprentices engaged in Architectural Sheet Metal Work, also know as "the fun stuff."


One affiliated  firm providing advanced architectural sheet metal design to San Diego and throughout the West Coast  is California Sheet Metal and its sister production shop, California Panel Systems LLC.

California Sheet Metal has been a permanent fixture of California's building and construction projects for the last 90 years. When we meet Executive Vice-President Robin Hoffos, he is involved in multiple projects, balancing cost estimates and a cup of a coffee over a conference room table, where the phone is practically ringing off the hook.



A Strong Partnership with the San Diego Sheet Metal Workers :  

Robin describes how the company has grown thanks to its association with Sheet Metal Workers Local 206, particularly as more and more of Southern California's building owners and commercial developers define bid specifications as “best value.”


Employing Best Value for construction bids enables a company or general contractor to set up a pre-qualification process that ensures that all the bidders for the sheet metal work on a job or project are fully-qualified and have a demonstrated, proven track record.


Best Value is also a process by which a prospective California Sheet Metal or HVAC Customer may weigh the long-range benefits and cost-savings into the project planning process.California Sheet Metal's long-time reputation for superior quality of workmanship has led to the firm being perceived through out the state as a key consultant on complex projects and led to jobs as far as Nevada, where they did the primary architectural sheet metal work and design on the famous Las VegasTrump Tower.


Additionally, California Sheet Metal continues to perform jobs at San Diego and Imperial County schools as they undergo renovations and apply green building techniques, including seeking the increasingly common LEED certification. Schools are always looking for safety and quality.

Other key California Sheet Metal projects include the Hilton hotel, as well as the Gateway and Intuit buildings, and advanced architectural sheet metal work done for the University of California. An overview of California Sheet Metal's projects may be viewed here:


Future green jobs include the Federal Courthouse and the soon to be renovated San Diego Public Library.


Critical to California Sheet Metal's development as a provider of top of the line architectural sheet metal services has been its co-operation and partnership with the Sheet Metal Workers Local 206. To quote Robin, "I would say its gotten better over time...I can't even think of a problem that we've ever had."


Safety and Working Smart :

Safety and "working smart," are emphasized repeatedly by Robin as top personal priorities for his firm.


Thanks to the San Diego Sheet Metal Apprenticeship program managed by Ken Lavigne, workers from  Local 206 (and future California Sheet Metal employees) are trained in the correct and safest way to work, which in turn lead to lower insurance premiums for employers and reduced risk to the owner that a construction accident may occur. As proof of this, Robin recently cites his firm's Construction Safety Score as one of the best in Southern California .


California Sheet Metal also further reduces its costs and makes its bids more competitive through its in house design and production of its own sheet metal materials and products. To read more about  its sister company, California Panel Systems, please click here!


With both companies housed under the same roof, the partnership formed between California Panel Systems and California Sheet Metal looks to be a staple of the San Diego and western skyline for many years to come.

To contact California Sheet Metal click here!

California Sheet Metal : Affiliated Contractor for Architectural Sheet Metal