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Architectural Sheet Metal Spreads Across the West

Architectural Sheet Metal Work and Manufacturing Are Keys to California Sheet Metal's Success :

An important component of California Sheet Metal's profitability and business model is the ability to fabricate their own sheet metal products, as well as design for building owners and general contractors entirely "in house."

Walking the floor of the shop, workers of all specialties and job types use advanced machinery and technology to ensure a variety of interior and exterior sheet metal designs are built to exact specifications.

Additionally, California Sheet Metal has formed an ongoing partnership with Trespa North America, Ltd., enabling them to use the world famous Dutch panels. As noted by Robin Hoffos and on the company's web site, all Trespa panels must meet key safety and environmental building standards. Additionally, use of Trespa adds value for many San Diego construction owners and firms, protecting their buildings and facilities from the elements, in particular the corrosive effect of rain water.

California Sheet Metals development as a provider of top architectural sheet metal services is supported and enhanced through the firms long-time co-operation and partnership with the Sheet Metal Workers Local 206.  When asked about their decades-long relationship with SMW Local 206, Robin is emphatic, "[our relationship] has gotten better over time...I can't even think of a problem that we've ever had or if we do it gets resolved right away."

Because of the firm's outstanding reputation, San Diego commercial and residential developers, general contractors, and building owners consult with California Sheet Metal in order to design their projects. The firm's reputation has carried as far as Nevada, where California Sheet Metal did the architectural work on the Trump Tower. Today, they remain a key consultant and player on the most  vital  and interesting architectural sheet metal work in Southern California and beyond.

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To read more about California's partnership with San Diego Sheet Metal Workers Local 206, please click here.