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Able Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc: Keeping San Diego Schools Safe and Running

Eddie Moreno is no stranger to hard work and long nights. The former Sheet Metal Workers Local 206 apprentice now sits behind the President's desk in his spacious office at Able Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. There, Eddie reflects upon his rise from sheet metal apprentice to owner of one of the most trusted sheet metal and hvac shops in Southern California.

“In the beginning, we did what we had to do, if that meant working all weekend or all night on a project...we did it, whatever it took,” Eddie says, looking back.

Over the last 4 decades, Eddie has built an enduring sheet metal team that keeps San Diego's school-children (and their teachers and administrators) safe and comfortable  - by providing efficient, “green,” climate-controlled classrooms and long-term energy savings.

Eddie began as an affiliated shop, Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning. According to Eddie, "after several years my partners and I decided to leave the union and started Able Heating & Air as a non-affiliated contractor." However, Eddie ultimately decided to re-partner with Local 206, saying, "after about 10 years and the death of one partner and the retirement of the other, I decided to have Able Heating signatory to Local 206 again."

To this day, Eddie remains partnered with the organization where he received his initial training. Able Contracting is now one of the most prominent and respected affiliated HVAC and Sheet Metal Contractors in San Diego.

A key to obtaining school sheet metal and hvac renovation and upgrade work, says Eddie, is that school administrators trust their contractors to be established, reputable, and work safely.

This is especially true as schools "green"  their facilities and seek the LEED Certification in San Diego to promote energy efficiency and control energy costs.

Specifically, schools and their facility managers have a mandate to keep their schools open and operate a safe, comfortable learning environment. The last thing they can afford, in the current economy, are lost school days and added repair costs from structural failures in their heating and cooling systems.
According to Eddie, “it's not always strictly cost; safety counts and safety matters.”

School jobs are typically governed by state prevailing wage laws;  however, schools working with non-affiliated contractors may not be aware that these contractors work differently on their private commercial jobs, which are typically not regulated. This can lead to a school  unknowingly hiring a  non-affiliated contractor wtih overall lower safety and quality standards, leading to unwanted results that show up on a public job.

Eddie says he joined San Diego Sheet Metal Workers Local 206 in order to hire journeymen technicians and supervisors, and to ensure timley and succesful completion of his school projects. Prior to joining the San Diego Sheet Metal Workers, Able would advertise in the paper, conduct multiple interviews, and devote significant internal resources to finding qualified workers. If a worker left the firm, Able would have to devote more time and effort to finding and training their replacement. That worker would then require additional supervisory time.

Critical to profits and productivity for a sheet metal shop, Eddie continues, is finding sheet metal workers and apprentices who are properly trained and will ultimately grow to become supervisors, so that knowledge of how to complete jobs efficiently is retained  and leveraged on each successive project.

In an industry where time is money and firms pay nearly identical amounts for materials, the most efficient firms will win in the current economy. Reducing time to completion and leveraging experienced project managers can only happen with an experienced and expertly trained workforce.

San Diego and Imperial County schools looking to green their facilities and achieve the LEED certification for green building may wish to contact the San Diego Sheet Metal Workers or Able Contracting for estimates of future jobs.

Please Click Here to Contact Eddie Moreno, President of Able Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.