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from the San Diego Sheet Metal Workers San Diego Sheet Metal Workers Local 206, of the SMWIA. The Sheet Metal Workers' International Association represents 150,000 skilled craftpersons throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Sheet Metal Workers perform architectural sheet metal work, fabrication, installation, and service of heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems, shipbuilding, rail work and more. Come on in, Learn More About Our Trade and Work!


SMW 206 News

  • Local 206 Member Forms Building Trades Group

    SMART Local 206 is extremely proud to announce the formation of B.T.S.
    The Building Trades Sisters is a new group formed by Local 206's own journeyperson and Executive Board Member, Annet Del Rosario, and apprentice Kimmy Martin. This group is comprised solely of Union woman that wear the tools every day. These meetings will be a chance for female members from all trades to get get together to share experience and support one another in these male dominated trades. At last night's meeting there was a great mix of ladies who have spent years in their trade, along with some brand new apprentices who will benefit from the path that has been paved by their sisters. We believe that these meetings will be a great place to share stories and advice on some of the hurdles that woman face on the jobsite, as well as a way for those that are more experienced explain to the newer ladies that these trades can be very physically demanding and how they can better prepare themselves to be the best worker they can be. 
    As this group grows and developes they will begin to set a schedule and agenda. The next meeting will be on Wednesday, January the 31st.2018 at the Sheet Metal Workers Hall. If you, or anyone you know that is a female tradesperson would like to attend please feel free to message us here and we will make sure you get all of the info. 
    We should all be supporting these woman as they are trying to be great Union members out there fighting for better wages, benefits, and equal rights on the job. Great job ladies.

  • San Diego Unified / PSA Projects

    More school air conditioning on the way in San Diego Unified / PSA Projects

    San Diego Unified School District plans to have air conditioning in every school by 2019.

    Last week, some schools had shortened days because of hot weather.

    Pictured above, Brian Sobilo / A.O. Reed, works on a PSA project at Jones Elementary School.

    PSA = Project Stabilization Agreement, a Local Hire Agreement Negotiated by the San Diego County Building Trades

  • What YOU NEED TO KNOW about National Right to Work

    For decades Sheet Metal Workers Local 206 has had a standing rule. We don't talk about politics unless it has an impact on our work. Well an issue is about to go before congress that not only impacts our work, but it could be a devastating blow to all trades, all across the country. A " National Right To Work" bill could kill trades unions.

    H.R. 785 is a bill that would put the entire country in the same economic status for workers as states like Arizona, Florida, and pretty much every southern state in between. Workers in RTW states make an average of over $6,000 per year less than workers in other states. Benefits are lost as well as lives when no one is making sure that safety regulations are being enforced.

    There is something you can do. Call 1-844-872-0234 to leave a message with your elected representative. Let them know that "Right to Work" is wrong for you. Tell them not to support H.R. 785 and not to lower the wages and benefits of American Workers. Share this with your non-union friends as well. If we lose our wage, so will they.

    To learn more about this IMPORTANT issue click on the link below to see former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich explain the truth behind so-called "Right to Work" laws and how they hurt working families.

  • Get Paid to Quit Smoking

  • Angels Family Foster Network

    The economic downturn of 2008, put many of Local 206's members in a bad spot when it came time to put Christmas presents under the tree for their kids. We helped each other during those times, and collected money to help get toys under those trees, until it was no longer needed. We didn't want to stop there, knowing there were kids still left without toys under their tree's. So the Campaign for jobs members went looking for a place to help those less fortunate than us. That's when we found the Angels Fosters Family Network. 

    Angels Family Foster Network is dedicated to ensuring that babies and toddlers in foster care in San Diego County get the best start in life.

    For the second year running, monies used to purchase the toys, was donated in whole by members of the Sheet Metal Workers. This year, the Western States Council stepped up big and donated a good portion of the money.

    We want to give a huge shout out to the Target store in Mission Valley. They gave us a 10% discount on all the toys we bought for the Angels Foster Family Network. The store also had four employees help us do the shopping, as well as our own checkout line. Thanks for all your help employees of Target.

    The following is from the website of Angels Family Foster Network. Please visit them at this link and consider helping them out.

    Approximately 1,400 children under the age of five years old are in foster care in San Diego County. In traditional foster care, a baby will typically live in three different homes before his or her first birthday. At Angels, we feel strongly that infants and toddlers should have the chance to connect with one foster family, so we ask our parents who foster to commit to each placement for as long as each child needs. Sometimes, this is a weekend. Other placements last weeks, months, or even years.

    Families who foster with Angels tell us there is nothing more rewarding than opening their hearts and homes to infants and toddlers who need temporary care. 



Our Mission in San Diego

A common, prevailing notion in the California construction industry is that it will cost more to work with organized sheet metal or hvac contractors.

San Diego energy customers and business owners are increasingly recognizing this as a myth. Sure, you can always go lowest dollar on anything in life. However, it is also always true that you get what you pay for.

I invite you to meet our contractors at the links below and the pages that follow, all of whom, through their dedication to on the job safety and productivity, have worked to make San Diego's buildings safer and more comfortable for the workers and residents who occupy them. Please contact us with any questions you may have! Douglas Tracy, Business Manager